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Aaron Copeland
"Going Out Tonight"

Aaron Copeland


Aaron Kothmann
"All She Left Was Me"

Aaron Kothmann
"The Way You Did Me"

Aaron Watson
"Out Of My Misery"

Abraham Weaver
"I Know a Memory When I See One"


Adrian Johnston

"Already Been Through Hell"

Armadillo Road
"Take Me Back"

Bart Crow
"Didn't Mean To Break Your Heart"


Brad Dunn and Ellis County
"That Song About Beer"

Brad Good Band
"3 Shots of Whiskey"

Brad Russell Band
"A Million Miles from Home"

Brad Russell Band


Brandon Alan
"Through the Cracks"

Brandon Steadman
"Girl Like You"

Breelan Angel
"Double Standards"


Brett Hauser
"As Good As Gone"

Brinley Addington
"Lonely Girl"

Bryan Shayne
"Everything I Need"


Chad Cooke Band
"Come and Take It"

Chancey Williams
"Fastest Gun in Town"

Chancey Williams
"Let It Go"

Chancey Williams
"Meet Me In Montana"


Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band
"The World Needs More Cowboys"

Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band
"Tonight We're Drinkin'"

Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band
"Wyoming Wind"


Chris Weaver Band
"Raise the Dead"

Clay Hollis
"Ask Me Again"


Cody Hibbard
"The Truth"

Colby Albright
"Living Like Friday Night"

Colleen Michelle Miller
"Addicted To You"

Cooper Wade
"A Daddy's Love"


Corey Kane Band
"Leaving Me Lonely"

Curtis Grimes


Darrin Morris Band
"Yours And Mine"

DeDe Wedekind
"Dream of You"

Denny Herrin
"You And Me"

Derek Anthony
"If I Don't"


Donice Morace
"Good Time Machine"

Donna Beckham
"In The Meantime"

Drake Hayes Band
"Nowhere Texas"


Dustin Sonnier
"Between the Stones & Jones"

Dusty Neuman
"Spike Drivin' Blues"

Fools of the Trade
"What Can I Say (feat. Haley Cole)"


Genevieve Allen
George Navarro
"When She's Drinkin'"
"All Those Things"
Gord Bamford
"Just Let Go"


Gord Bamford
"Love Takes Time"
Gord Bamford
"The Out Crowd"
Harry Luge
"Music and Wine"
Hayden Baker
"All it Takes is One"


Hayden Baker
"Guitargasm (instrumental)"
Hayden Haddock
"Red Dirt Texas"
Hazel McQuade
"It Ain't Me!"
Hill Country
"Dixie Darlin'"


James Lann
"Devil's Red Hot Sauce"
James Lann
"Let It Rain"
Jamie Talbert & the Band of Demons
"Tomorrow Night"
Jaron Bell
"Missing You"


Jarrod Johnson
"She Calls Me Daddy"
Jarrod Sterrett & The Hired Guns
Jason Young
"The Moment"
Jeff Clayborn
"Acres of Sunshine"


John Slaughter
"Memories for Burnin'" (feat. Josh Ward & Jody Booth)
Jon Wolfe
"Don't It Feel Good"
Jon Wolfe
"It All Happened in a Honky Tonk"


Josh Ward
"A Cowboy Can"
Justin Haigh
"All My Best Friends (Are Behind Bars)"


Ken Hamilton
"Flight Attendant"
Kendall Shaffer
"12 Ounces of I Don't Care"
Kendall Shaffer
"27 in the Checking"
Kevin Fowler
"Better With Beer"


Kevin Fowler
"Hard Man To Love"
Kevin Moon
"Roll Tide Roll"
Kylie Frey
"One Night in Tulsa"
Mark Powell
"Breaking Things"


Mark Powell
"This Bar Needs a Town"
Matt Caldwell
"Highways and Honkytonks"
Matt Mercado
"I Should've Never Left Mexico"


Natalie Rose
"Better Off Without You"
Robert Ray
"I Found You"
Roy Solis Band
"Cowgirl Alright"
Scott Taylor Band
"By Now"


Tanner Fenoglio
Tommy Gallagher Band
"Make Her Mine"
Tory Martin
"What Would Dolly Do?"
Ty Stone
"American Style"


Ward Davis
"Ain't Gonna be Today"
Wesley Michael Hayes
"Baby Hold On"
Wesley Michael Hayes
"Love in Pictures"
Will Carter
"You Feel Like Home"


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